Love your core and pelvic floor

When: Next date tbc, 1.30pm - 3.30pm Brighton Natural Health Centre

This workshop is for any woman who is keen to strengthen her core and pelvic floor.

During this interactive workshop you will learn how to effectively restore the optimal functioning of your core and pelvic floor no matter your age or condition. You will understand what your pelvic floor looks like, what it does, and how it works. You will learn how it integrates with the whole body, how posture and breathing play a major role, and why we need a strong (but not too strong) pelvic floor.

Pelvic floor issues are on the increase due to our lifestyle; Poor posture, sitting too often, and being less active all have an impact on our muscles, including the pelvic floor. More than 80% of women (and 10% of men) have problems at some point in their life. And 30% of postnatal women suffer with some form of stress incontinence for up to three months after birth and 66% of women with pelvic floor dysfunction also have abdominal separation.

There will be some practical exercises so you will start to understand how to strengthen your core and pelvic floor, and why tummy crunches are not the answer! There will also be time included for questions and discussion.

Price: £25 | No previous experience necessary.

Course Teacher:

Rebecca Haroutunian

Prosecco, Perimenopause and Pelvic Floors

When: Wednesday 22 January 2020, Tilt, 134 Preston Drove, Brighton, BN1 6FJ

The peri menopause is the 5-15 years lead up to the menopause and can be one of the longest hormonal transitions in a woman’s life. It needs to be discussed with clear, informative, supportive guidance and advice around nutrition and exercise, particularly to support, muscle, bone and pelvic floor health.

This workshop brings together Josephine, a nutritionist specialising in peri menopause and Rebecca, a pelvic floor and core rehab expert.

Josephine will answer questions on the symptoms of peri menopause, how you know when you are ‘in it’, and navigating the challenges of lack of sleep, fatigue, anxiety, hot flushes, and low mood. She will discuss the different hormones involved in peri as well as how those hormones impact the mechanics of the body, the most important vitamins and minerals to include and what foods/drinks to avoid.

Peri menopause and pelvic floor dysfunction can go hand in hand, so Rebecca, a Holistic Core Restore® Coach and MUTU Pro, will explain how you can work to restore the your core and pelvic floor function. The workshop is an ideal introduction for any woman interested in finding out more about her pelvic floor health and goes far beyond squeeze and lift.

Learn what is needed to get the pelvic floor to do its job properly and to also nourish your body through good diet and wellbeing to embrace the menopause.

Price: £25 | No previous experience necessary.




Tilt Coffee Shop

134 Preston Drove



Course Teachers:

Rebecca Haroutunian

Josephine Cobb

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