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Brighton Physiotherapy Clinic

I highly recommend that my clients see a Women’s Health physiotherapist if anything doesn’t feel quite right down below. You can ask for a referral from a GP but there can be a waiting list. So, we are proud to be affiliated with Brighton Physiotherapy Clinic.

My clients are also entitled to a discount from their first consultation. The clinic’s Women’s Health physiotherapist, Annabel Pelham, is experienced in treating women with a range of conditions that can effect women throughout their lives.

These can be brought on during pregnancy, postnatally, during peri-menopause and post menopause, from incontinence to vaginal pain, prolapse to pelvic floor conditions.

Visit their website at www.brightonphysio.co.uk

Annabel Pelham

Core Sports Massage

If you are suffering pains and issues from pregnancy, birth or from having a new baby, then I recommend that you see a soft tissue massage therapist to help restore your body back to optimal health. I work closely with Hannah West, a soft tissue massage therapist specialising in pregnancy, postnatal and sports massage.

She is also a Burrell Education certified integrated scar therapist. Hannah can help with – c section recovery, diastasis recovery, carpal tunnel, correct postural misalignments from carrying and feeding your baby, reduce aches and pains, restore core and pelvic floor function, reduce abdominal swelling, improve breathing and reduce rib discomfort.

Visit their website at www.core-smt.com

Hannah West

Josephine Cobb Nutritional Therapy

Josephine Cobb CNM Dip NT Ba(Hons) PGCE is a registered Nutritional Therapist and experienced, qualified teacher and educator. Josephine has a specialist interest in female hormone health and the Peri-menopause. Josephine is encouraging and empathetic and is dedicated to the clients’ desire to achieve results they want to see and feel.

What is Nutritional Therapy and how can it help you: Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science and biochemical individuality in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care. Josephine’s approach is client centred and science based. Which means that a nutrition programme will be tailor-made to the client’s unique biochemistry and their current overall health requirements. This personalised approach allows for a thorough understanding of how to best support optimal health through nutrition and also targets the areas which require further attention. The Nutritional Therapy process involves a detailed investigation of past and current medical history, medications, current lifestyle and exercise programmes. A full health assessment with the addition of functional testing means the client will be provided with a bespoke and accessible nutrition and supplement plan to support ongoing optimal health.

Visit her website at www.josephinecobb.com

Josephine Cobb

Stress Free mums

Anna Goodwin of Stress Free Mums, typically works with multi-tasking mums who feel overwhelmed and frazzled. She helps them release stress and exhaustion from their body and the mind, so they can have better relationships with their children and experience more freedom, more energy and more fun.

Do you feel overwhelmed and frazzled?

Does panic overtake you when you realise you can’t even find the time to write a to-do list, let alone tick things off on it?

Do you worry that your relationship with your kids is being ruined by constant nagging and snapping?

Do you find yourself over-reacting with rage or anxiety to the smallest thing that doesn’t go to plan?

Would you like things to change?

Anna can help you release all this stress and exhaustion and I can help give you more energy so you can juggle multiple tasks with ease, have fun and feel fulfilled.

Visit her website at www.stressfreemums.co.uk

Anna Goodwin

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