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Why your core changes after having a baby

Having a baby, whether it was six weeks ago or six years ago, dramatically changes your body, especially your core, regardless of whether it came out of your vagina or tummy. The core is literally at the centre of everything we do. The muscles in your abdominal area have been stretched, your pelvic floor has had weight pushing down on it for many months, and the tissues in your vagina and pelvic floor will be stretched, […]
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What’s in a name? Well it turns out quite a lot!

When I first started my business more than three years ago, I was teaching Pilates in Brighton, so my name, BN1 Pilates, was a great fit. However, I quickly started to work in other locations, not just Brighton, and I also expanded my knowledge and training. I began specialising in core and pelvic floor rehab and became a women’s health and fitness expert and a Holistic Core Restore® Coach. So I’ve now outgrown my name […]
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Diastasis Recti – is it a problem?

If you’ve had a baby you might be familiar with the term Diastasis Recti (separated tummy muscles), sometimes resulting in the infamous mummy tummy. And if you have it then you probably want to fix it. Some people try crunches, planks and ‘belting’. But, fixing the symptom is just that, it is not addressing the underlying problem. So what is Diastasis Recti? It occurs when the abdominal muscles’ connective tissues stretch and weaken at the […]
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Is your phone giving you Text Neck!

Whether you’re sitting in a café, on a bus or walking down the street, chances are most people will have their heads down bent over their phones. While writing an email, sending a text or uploading an image might seem essential – looking down at your phone could be doing irreparable damage to your neck. This problem, often termed Text Neck, is becoming increasingly common especially among young people. A number of my Pilates clients […]
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How a fractured hip led me to Pilates

What better time to write my first blog than in Coeliac Awareness Week (8-14 May). It was only after fracturing my left hip, whilst running my first half marathon, that led me to be diagnosed with Coeliacs disease and also resulted in me finding Pilates. This helped me recuperate from my injury and has made me stronger and more flexible than I ever was. I was so impressed with my results, that I wanted to […]
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11 reasons to try Pilates

Many fitness fads come and go, but Pilates – developed in the early 20th century, has proven its staying power. There are many reasons why it has endured – hopefully this list below will make you grab your mat and give it a go! 1) Pilates is for everyone Men or women, young or old, from expectant mums to people with injury and back pain, and even elite athletes, can all benefit from Pilates. For […]
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Stretches to take the stress out of January

January 15th is officially the most depressing day of the year. However, for a lot of people the second week of January doesn’t feel too great either! For most people it’s their first full week back at work after their Christmas break, and getting back into the normal routine can often make them feel stressed out, tired and anxious. And when you’re stressed, the blood flow in your body is restricted, causing your muscles to […]
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