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Welcome to Core Connection. I’m a Women’s Health and Fitness Coach, specialising in pelvic floor and core rehab, I am also a soft tissue massage therapist. I use a holistic, evidence-based approach to help women reconnect with their bodies, building strength from the inside, out. I’m the only Holistic Core Restore® coach working in Brighton & Hove and the surrounding area, I’m a MuTu Pro as well as STOTT trained Pilates instructor.


How can I help you?

Every woman at every life stage, be it during pregnancy, the early post-natal period or later in life, needs to be empowered to improve their pelvic floor heath, core strength and wellbeing. This is where the Holistic Core Restore® Every Woman programme – created by Jenny Burrell of Burrell Education – helps educate and support women to ensure that suffering in silence about pelvic floor function/weak core muscles becomes a thing of the past. I have been trained by Jenny and I’m one of a small number of coaches to offer this unique training programme – suitable for all women through all life stages.

What I offer?

Specialist classes and 1-2-1 programmes in Brighton & Hove, as well as online programmes for:

  • New Mums
  • Women experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Women who want to reduce a diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and / or improve core strength
  • Women recovering from a hysterectomy or other pelvic surgeries
  • Every woman who wants to improve their health and fitness in a holistic way
  • Exercise and support for the peri-menopause
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